Wednesday, October 10, 2007

IAF Air Raid: Stranger than a Frederick Forsyth thriller:

The mystery plot thickens, as Syria changes its story yet again:

First, they claimed that "that it had repulsed the air raid before an attack occurred."

Then, "President Bashar al-Assad, in a BBC interview, played down the Israeli raid, saying that Israeli jets took aim at empty military buildings, but he did not give a specific location."

And the latest version is "There was no raid here —"

Well, it's anybody's guess. The site that was being shown to the reporters might not have been the scene of the bombing. Since nobody knows for sure what was bombed or where, the reporters could have been taken to any old place where no bombed craters are observable.

In the meantime, according to this report, Turkey's Foreign Affairs met with Olmert, "behind closed doors, and according to a Turkish source the foreign minister may have mentioned the Israel Air Force's violation of Turkish airspace en route to the attack in Syria last month. Babacan also asked Olmert to exert his leverage in the U.S. and especially in Congress to foil a bill to label the Armenian massacre during the First World War a genocide. "



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