Friday, August 25, 2006


yES, i'M PRETTY disoriented. I feel like I've been put in a blender with a few other ingerdients. It started with maximum speed and now its slowing down, not sure what kind of emulsified mixture will emerge. Boxes slowly morph one by one from containers of valued stuff into garbage recycling material. Many more boxes to go and time is short. But, L of EJ my friend, if you are reading this, I want you to know that so far so good.

Moving from Atlantic Canada to Quebec is a little like immigrating. Different language, different culture. The first thing that strikes me is how rude people are. Which makes the nice, polite, forthcoming people one encounters all the more radiant. At a school reception desk, I was attended to with great coldness and a sneering condescension by the secretary who told me no, there were no places available, the school is overbooked, bla bla. When the real authority to pronounce on such things came out, I was treated with great affability. I almost fell upon that person's bosom in sheer tears of grovelling gratitude, for extending a goodwill smile towards me. And most surprisingly, there was indeed a place for the young student candidate. His academic achievements made him a desirable addition to the school. Ah, the best revenge is to be the best!

As always in a time of upheaval (and this is a small upheaval, but nevertheless, upheaval it is!) I get to have some new flashes of recognition of humankindness. I'll share some of those once I catch my breath. Additionally, if I keep up this blog thingy which acts like an echo chamber between me and myself, my very few readers will get to hear a lot about Dante's Inferno. Why? Well, maybe because I'll be reading it together with a group of people and I'll want to share some of my impressions. That is, if the Inferno lives up to its expectations. Isn't life full of promise, I ask you? Fall, foliage and Inferno, all coming up!

A tout alors, mes amis virtuels! Back to unpacking. Oy.


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