Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Waiting for the Katiusha, drinking beer (Ma'ariv, today)

As night life gets back to a more familar routine, we visited a pub and couldn't find even one drop of despair in the alcoholic fumes. "Lechaim" (to life) in between sirene wails.

The war in Northern Israel is still in full swing, and life in the Galilee is not yet back to normal. But the residents are trying to get used to the new reality thrust upon them. They are gradually returning to their familiar habits. “The well” (“Ha be’er”) Pub in the town of Rosh Pina is open to patrons again. We went out to meet people who look to the north, undaunted.

A few businesses and cafes have re-opened in the last few days. More people are coming to visit the pub and the local “parliament’ is back in force.

We spoke to the owner, who gave up an alcoholically invigorated reception. Haim was there, too. He told us how he visited the soldiers on the border and how highly professional our military forces were. We met Lollik, who is pretty sure it’s all the media’s fault and a couple of former Tel-Avivians who moved to the north just a year ago. No, they are not about to relocate and give up the serenity of the Galilee.


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