Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And so it goes...

"The Bolshevik Soviet government in Lenin's time, and later, in Stalin's - both of whom were Jewish, though they presented themselves as Marxists and atheists... - was one of the forces that, until the Second World War, cooperated with Hitler in promoting the idea of establishing the State of Israel. A book that was published about this...

Hitler was Jewish, and that his grandmother was a Jewish prostitute. [Hitler's] father went by his mother's Jewish name until he was 40, and later changed his surname to Hitler.
"Adolf Hitler himself developed an aversion to Judaism because his mother was a Jewish whore. He first received [negative] information about the Jews in an Austrian monastery, (the book presents details and pictures of it), and from then on, he [tried] to escape his Judaism.
"Thus... Hitler simultaneously developed both feelings of solidarity with Judaism and feelings of hatred towards it, and this emotional ambivalence shaped his behavior towards the Jews. On the one hand, his entire family, the people who shared his views, and his associates who brought him into power and stood by him to the last - including his lovers and his personal doctor - were [all] Jewish.

From an interview with Iranian Presidential Advisor Mohammad Ali Ramin who was "recently appointed secretary-general of the new "world foundation for Holocaust Studies" established at the Iranian Holocaust Denial Conference in December."

(Hat tip: Mick Hartley)

Here's the best description I ever read of the irresistibility of a Mega Conspiracy:

I liken the "secularized occultism" of conspiracism to an apocalyptic religious cult, where black helicopters and black-flag ops are omnipresent reminders of The Grand Scheme of an intricate and impossibly far-reaching scenario, where all opposition is either duped or 'in on it'--never mind the logical fallacy which inserts a conspiracy into complex events where particulars contain some level of the unknown or mysterious. The conspiracy becomes literally an article of faith by which all else is measured, and cannot therefore be rationally opposed as far as its adherents are concerned. One can only hope that discerning, sensible, and responsible readers and contributors will reject the faith and steer clear of flawed assumptions and the personae that peddle them." (Anon)


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