Monday, January 15, 2007

I wonder how this event, another Holocaust Denial Conference, this time held in Egypt, slipped under the radar in the blogosphere. O Media brings us the lurid details:

4. Egypt avoided joining the Iranian Holocaust denial campaign . That was
because Holocaust denial is not part of Egyptian policy and because the Egyptian
regime is aware that the campaign is a tool used by Iran to further its
political objectives. For that reason the Iranian Holocaust denial conference
was widely condemned by the Egyptian media, which claimed that the conference
played into Israel 's hands.

5. Nevertheless, the Egyptian regime allowed the Cairo Holocaust denial
conference – the first of its kind in Egypt – to be held, and only a short time
after the Tehran conference, even though it could have been prevented. In our
assessment, there were two reasons for that:

A. The Egyptian regime did not consider the conference
particularly important because of the marginality of the parties organizing it
in Egyptian politics (the conference was in fact not covered by the Egyptian

B. It is the regime's policy to allow anti-Semitism and Holocaust
denial to exist and even thrive in Egyptian society and politics, in that they
serve as safety valves for the pressures generated by the opposition parties.


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