Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Courage, but where is the Fire?

An interesting debate is taking place in the UK, concerning Zionism, Jews, Leftist Jews, and all types of other Jews. Engage has a few posts. I made a few comments in their comment section which I will not repeat here.

I think the comments on Engage as well as on CiF, (where the original opinions were published), provide a panorama of diverse positions and sentiments. None of it is unknown, unfamiliar or remotely surprising.

Deserving of special mention is this article. Gilad Atzmon serves as a chrystalizing agent. Once you read his response, you know exactly what the stakes are. Clarity is good, even when, or particularly because, it is so odious...

And a few minutes later:

Ah, Normblog, here, like water for chocolate... Bob bless him!


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Who is Bob?


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