Monday, February 19, 2007


I've collected a few memorable quotes encountered on the Internet that appeal to me either as examples of splendid cleverness and incisiveness or examples of galactically stupid pointlessness. Let the reader be the judge which is which.

Great quotes:

There are fair-weather friends and foul-weather friends,
but the strangest friends of all are those who display
their commitment to you only when they publicly criticise you.

David-Hillel Ruben

It’s as annoying as an incomplete simile.

James Lileks

I went late this afternoon also and again was reminded that I am for shooting mothers and their children who ride around in those huge carriages. Jesus. Children should not be allowed in stores, parents should leave them strapped in their big SUVs where they can't get in my way.

Poster in a discussion group

Poster A: ..nor did I mention a democracy gene which I .. do believe .. is generally inherent in man as it is in many other animals. I guess another thing you know nothing about is animals. Why am I not surprised?

Poster B: I don't know. But my lack of knowledge makes me even more interested to hear your theories about animal democracy. So, any time you're ready . . .

Poster C: Well, it happens in cartoons.

Overheard on a discussion in the (since defunct) Charlie Rose Message Board

More of the same, later.


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