Thursday, February 22, 2007

Karl Pfeifer writes about official antisemitism in Venezuela:

Commenting on the September visit to Caracas by Iranian fanatic president Ahmadinejad, Freddy Pressner, head of the Confederation of Jewish Associations of Venezuela, expressed outrage, citing the Iranian leader's open denial of the Holocaust and his statements about erasing Israel from the face of planet. Chavez's bloc with Iran is making Venezuelan Jews worry about their own security for the first time.

Sammy Eppel, a Caracas-based columnist, addressed the deepening antisemitism in Venezuela in his presentation at a recent conference, in Budapest, of the Tel Aviv University-based Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism. In his lecture, he revealed that he had found no fewer than 195 examples of antisemitic content in the official and pro-government media in a 65-day period ending on 31 August 2006

Here is a number of images from Sammy Eppel's presentation, mentioned in the article.
In past discussions on the Internet, about Venzuelan President Chavez, I noted a congruence of sentiment and interpretation among those who praised him as a great humanitarian, those who tried to provide advocacy for Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons (without the attempted pretense that it was energy that was being pursued), those who regularly expressed antisemitic positions and even slurs (I was called "Yid Vicious" on a regular basis), and some of those who propounded pro-Palestinian interests. They all claimed to be the legitimate voice of "the Left", and they all rejected the principles of the Euston Manifesto because it was too "pro-Israel". That meant, of course, the two clauses that refer to respecting human rights for all parties and a re-affirmation of the two-state solution.
Well, then, all the poisons in the mud are hatching out. And Venzuela is right there next to Iran, leading the great anti-imperialistic war against the West and its paymasters, the Jews, cheered on by a variety of the oddest fellow-travellers: bona fide antisemites, Jihadist, Islamists, Indecent Chomskyites, Palestinian irredentists, and all those other good souls who have never met an antisemite they could not accomodate. They know who they are.
I wonder if Louis Arbour loses much sleep over any of this. Probably not. She must be over-exhausted from defending the human rights of convicted genociders.


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