Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nice fisking here . I never get tired of Fisk fisked.

and the final word (I hope) on James Carter here.

I hope you have a picture now of what in many places would be sufficient legal grounds for a court martial and summary execution.

And this man continues to roam the world, generously sharing with us from the bottomless pool of his wisdom...

What can one say about the whole storm in a teacup?

It seems that Jimbo is trying to deflect the arrows from all directions but one:

"I have been called a liar," Carter said at a town hall meeting on Saturday, the second day of a three-day symposium on his presidency at the University of Georgia. "I have been called an anti-Semite," he said. "I have been called a bigot. I have been called a plagiarist. I have been called a coward."

How about being called simply dumb?



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