Saturday, March 31, 2007

The term Bizarro is used to describe anything that utilizes twisted logic, confusion of cause and effects, timeline that goes backwards, or that is the opposite of something else, as in this interview:


"In an interview with [the London daily] Al-Sharq Al-Awsat on October 10,
2005, you described the people who carried out the 9/11 operation as
'magnificent.' You said that Sheikh Osama bin Laden revived the neglected duty
of jihad, and that Allah will reward him for this."

Sheikh Omar Bakri:

"Yes. The duty of jihad - and in this case, I'm referring to defensive jihad -
had been neglected by the Islamic nation for a long time, because of the
arrogance and injustice or America and its allies against the Islamic nation,
and because of their support of Israel, and what we see now in the region is the
best proof of this. The 9/11 operations were a response to great acts of
aggression by America - its attacks on Afghanistan, on Iraq, on Sudan, not to
mention the historic Crusades from long ago, and so on

Gamal Al-Bana:

"Martyrdom operations in Palestine, in particular, are
justified, for two reasons. First, the Palestinians do not have weapons to
defend themselves. They have no tanks, artillery, and so on. This is the only
means available to them. Therefore, it is justified, especially since it is the
Israeli soldiers that are targeted. When I say 'soldiers' -
the entire Israeli people is recruited. The women are the most vicious of them
all. Therefore, this is justified
. I consider this to be martyrdom. Even
if they harm a woman - all the women serve in the army. All the men serve in the
army. Only the small children remain, and the fact is that these are only very
rarely harmed. I believe that these are martyrdom operations, and are


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