Sunday, April 08, 2007

The spectre of Nancy Pelosi shaking Assad's hand has some liberal Arabs seething with indignation.

According to MEMRI:

"Instead of demanding [Al-Labwani's] immediate release [from prison], Pelosi went to reward the hangman, and turned her back on the victim. Did Al-Labwani fall victim to the trust he placed in America's promises to support democracy and those demanding it?

"This is more than saddening; it is disgraceful to the highest degree. But not all of the blame falls on Ms. Pelosi alone. Over the last four months, more than 10 U.S. members of Congress, from both parties… have made the pilgrimage to Damascus and met with Assad… What is certain is that support for reform and democracy in Syria was not on their agenda.

"Any observer cannot help but be astounded how elected representatives of the American people, which loves liberty and humanity and is devoted to democracy, can engage with a first-rate dictatorial regime..." ( , April 6, 2007.)

Having forgotten that submission is not a strategy against tyranny, Pelosi seems to have also forgotten John F. Kennedy's own faith in freedom and decency for all: "Freedom is indivisible, and when one man is enslaved, all are not free."

She chose to look away. But why wonder? Tremulous fawning and silence in the face of fascist dictatorship and butchery are considered the better part of wisdom today, aren't they?


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