Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Limoncello is an Italian after-dinner alcoholic drink. I like things Italians, from Sambucca to tiramisu to sliced Bocconcini Cheese served with sliced fresh tomatoes and oregano.

Here is a recipe for making Limoncello at home. It seems easy enough, requires a little extra care with the details but surely worth the trouble.

Next weekend the Farmer's Market opens after its winter hiatus at the Marché de l'Ouest, an old fashioned part open air, part indoor market with an Italian flavour, though not exclusively so. The best pizza can be found there, at PizzaRoma, and across Le Premiere Moisson specializes in breads of any type (they even offer "pain-fesses", a double bread-loaf shaped like human buttocks) as well as salads and sandwiches. Recently I've been favouring céléri rémoulade which is very well made, fresh tasting.

So I may be able to get some nice large plump and juicy lemons to start my Limoncello making. Vodka can also be gotten there. There is a SAQ store. I'll report in 5 to 6 weeks about success or failure.


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