Saturday, August 11, 2007

Here are a few inks that may be of interest:

Pajamas Media reports:

Watching the Islamists on the 'net: MEMRI has launched an Islamist Website Monitor Project.

Mick Hartley: Nature Says Women Are Human Beings, Men Have Made Religion To Deny It

Normblog expostulates about readers' choice of best love story ever. I agree. Wuthering Heights has never had that appeal to me as a love story. More of an unhealthy pathology. I'l'l explain someday. Now anyone who knows me even slightly would be aware of my eternal devotion to Jane Austen but I still think that the best love story ever written is Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. For exactly the reasons that feminists and other pre- and post- modernist critics castigated Bronte: that it is the ultimate female fantasy. It's true enough about the fantasy - women like to love bad boys and nurture a secret desire to tame a wild, wandering man "a loner, with a loner's point of view" (as Canadian singer Bruce Cockburn sweetly moans into into his intoxicated prey's ear). And here's the ultimate heroine, plain Jane, small, insignificant and poor who brings the mighty Rochester to his knees. By just being herself. It's a story that plays to our senses and our intellect. It's really quite the most perfect love story.


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