Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tolerating the Intolerant

A group of Quebec intellectuals has penned an open letter, and is circulating a petition, demanding that the Islamic Congress of Canada withdraw its invitation to Yvonne Ridley to speak in Canada. Ridley is a founder of, and frequent candidate for, Britain’s Respect Party. Respect draws its support from fundamentalist Muslims and some of the most egregious apologists for international terror like MP George Galloway who was disgraced by his close ties to the Saddam Hussein regime.

Many of the signatories of this letter wrote a similar one last fall, after the Hezbollah Rally in Montreal, calling on Quebec society to open its eyes and recognize the real enemy within and without. To realize that politically correct moral relativism is nothing but bankrupt political equivalency masking nothing less than cowardice and betraying our public discourse to tolerating those that are most intolerant.


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