Saturday, October 06, 2007

Have a chuckle:

John Mearsheimer on The Colbert Report

(H/T: Bald-Headed Geek)

"You say that the Israel lobby was influential in helping push for war with Iraq. Is that because the Israeli lobby knew there were so many pro-Israeli forces ready to take over in Iraq once Saddam fell?"

"How do they influence United States policy to make the United States the largest single supplier of arms - to Saudi Arabia? How does that benefit them?"

"If we're not going to cut off aid to them, should we at least stop sending them Christmas cards? Cause they never send them back. It's always just a snowy field and the word 'blessing.'"

Bollinger's Disorder
(H/T: William S. Smith)

"The WPA Report notes that IDD was first described by mental health professionals after its spectacular emergence in the 1933 Oxford Union debate in which members of the intelligentsia disdained self preservation and implicitly advocated genocide and universal war.
The WPA Report also describes the derivation of the popular term for the disorder: "Lee Bollinger's Disease". This term arose from the recent, well-known case in which the president of a highly-regarded American university invited a genocidal maniac to present a major address on campus. The speaker is a well-known, severely delusional criminal who:

ordered the murder of homosexuals, academics, democracy advocates and innocent women,

threatens genocide against Mr. Bollinger's own country and its allies,

funds and supplies an army of murderous terrorists who are even now killing Mr. Bollinger's fellow citizens and

is developing weapons of mass destruction with which to threaten the world.

Mr. Bollinger, in the manner of sufferers of severe cases of IDD, obsessively continues to claim that the invitation was a rational exercise of "freedom of speech" rather than a manifestation of the many symptoms of IDD described by the WPA Report. "


At 7:37 AM EDT, Blogger Bald Headed Geek said...

Thanks for the h/t, and for the link to my blog! I have done likewise with yours. All the best!


At 7:41 AM EDT, Blogger Bald Headed Geek said...

And one other thing. I watched the clip again and still think that Colbert made Mearsheimer look awfully silly..........



At 8:54 AM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

With but a few well-aimed questions, kept very light, he managed to knock off the 500+ page edifice of the closest thing to conspiracy theory that has been published more recently with regard to "Jewish" power. It was also enjoyable to see Mearsheimer agree with Colbert's puzzlements. I have to say, Mearsheimer seems like a very congenial person. I wonder what he really feels and thinks about the things he wrote. And more importantly, will he recant and withdraw from this kind of "research"? It may be good for his pocket but it does no good to his academic reputation.


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