Sunday, October 07, 2007

More on Israel's strike in Syria:

I blogged here about the incident. Looks like the picture emerging is quite commensurate with Oliver Kamm's synthesis. A Korean complicity seems like sure bet.

Here's the latest from Haaretz:

"A top-secret report by the U.S. intelligence services says several North Korean scientists were injured in Israel's strike in Syria last month, top Washington Post columnist Jim Hoagland reported in the paper yesterday. In his article about the efforts to dismantle North Korea's nuclear program, Hoagland said the site of the attack was a plutonium enrichment facility for the Syrian nuclear program. According to Hoagland, Israel sent soil samples from the site and other evidence to the United States both before and after the strike on September 6.

Hoagland's report is based on his talks with a senior official in the American defense establishment, and with other sources involved with the attack. Media reports are providing an increasingly fuller picture of the circumstances surrounding the incident, and the activities undertaken at the site. "


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