Monday, November 05, 2007

The Arab League "draft law" that facilitated the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Arab countries

Highlights from this article:

* Only 8,000 Jews remain in 10 Arab countries today that once hosted many more.

* up to 850,000 Jews left Arab countries after the post-war division of the Palestine mandate

* "The existence of the Arab League draft law makes the story of what happened all the more heinous because it represented the acting out of a master plan,"

* Without the inter-Arab draft, the measures individual Arab states took against their Jewish citizens may not have been so widespread

* " "Beginning with (date), all Jewish citizens of (name of country) will be considered as members of the Jewish minority State of Palestine," it begins.

* "It is now clear the United Nations has played a singular role in expunging the whole question of Jewish refugees from Arab countries on the Middle East agenda for the last 60 years,"

* The researchers located the document in UN and World Jewish Congress archives after spotting a May 16, 1948, New York Times reference to it.

As the world focuses on the the descendants of 600,000 Palestinian refugees that fled from the nascent state of Israel (or, at some cases, were made to leave by force, whichever version of recorded history the reader chooses to believe), it is only right that the pages, torn from the annuls of history, in which the story of the forgotten refugees from Arab lands is told, be restored to the book. Let there be justice for all the refugees that resulted from the 1948 war. Not only for those who chose to retain their statelessness for 3 and 4 and 5 generations, in order to justify the perpetual war upon the Jewish state.


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