Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dreams Into Lightning added me to their blog roll.

Thank you, DIL, for the introduction which is just after my own heart. It's not that I like being contentious, I have to be. These are no times for prevarications, for the more recent Canadian ethos of sitting on the fence, or straddling two opposing positions with the cliche of "On the one hand, yet on the other hand"...

Example: a Canadian, sighted somewhere on the Internet: Israel's legitimacy cannot be disputed, but the world has to apologize to the Palestinians for the creation of Israel.

Or this.

Dante reserved a special space for these prevaricators in his Inferno, which I like to remind people every once in a while. With the knowledge of one who had been to Hell and came back with a report, Dante tells us what fate awaits the appeasers who remain silent when injustice masquerades as universality, when defamers and maligners are coddled and indulged, when false balance becomes an ideal:

"Master," I asked, "what is their problem
That they moan so grievously?"
He answered: " Lament is forever their anthem.

With no hope of death, their lives are so piteously
Blind and full of degradation
That they leer at every other fate enviously.

In the world they receive no mention;
Mercy and justice show them no regard:
We too will pass them by with little attention."

And I, who glanced at them, saw a whirling standard
Which streaked ahead with a velocity
Nothing seemed able to retard.

Behind it a queue seemed to stretch to infinity,
So that I could hardly imagine
How death had undone such a quantity.

When I'd surveyed several of those in line
I recognized that cowardly creature
Who, chosen for greatness, opted to decline.

At once I was absolutely sure
These were the loathsome cowards neither
God nor his enemies could endure.


At 10:57 PM EST, Blogger Terry Glavin said...

Congrats on your normblog profile, Centrist.

Always nice to see yo popping by my place. I'm going to make a habit of looking in here.



At 12:15 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nicely put together.


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