Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yada, yada... Annapolis

I like to browse the message boards and comments section in blogs. They may be anecdodal in importance but they do offer some insight.

Persuant to yada, yada, here are two responses I thought were noteworthy from the participants on the "Good Neighbours' Blog" discussing Annapolis:

First, from the Israeli Racoon:

I can tell you right now how this sham will go and how it’ll end:

There will be many photo-ops and enough dratt al-balat to tear a new hole in the ozon layer.
Israel will twist herself into a pretzel to accomodate everyone, offer everything except building concentration camps and putting all the Jews in them.

The Arabs will refuse every offer point-blank because of the missing ingredient mentioned above. Eventually, Israel will beg and suck cock enough for the Arabs to graciously accept most of what’s Israel offering - provided they have to give nothing in return. Then, due to American pressure, the Arabs will agree to say some empty words, maybe make a promise they have no intention of keeping (the words and promises will be in English - in Arabic it’ll be same old).
Then Israel will keep its side of the bargain, probably uprooting tens of thousands of Jews from their land; in the meanwhile, Israel will give the Palestinians weapons and money.

The Arab states will ignore everything they said during the conference;

The Palestinians will up their assaults on Israel, using the Israeli-gifted money and weapon to finance this. Thousands of Jews will die; hundreds of Palestinians will be killed in internal squabbling over who gets to kill the most Jews or who gets to keep the money and the weapons.

Oh, I almost forgot… if Syria can use the general Chambelainian spirit of the event to their advantage, they’ll get to kill some more Lebanese politicians and execute some more of their own dissidents.

The above prediction is based on more or less every other similar dratt al-balat meeting we had in the last, oh, 20 years or so (modified to fit the conditions of our times and the insanitity of Olmert’s Government of Worms).

And then, from the Palestinian Ramzi:

And i have reasons to believe that this is what is happening! I’m very proud of Mahmoud Abbas! I’m very happy that we finally have a functional government, a government that is doing it’s job! Their agenda is advancing quite fast, they are reforming the police, reforming the security services, reforming the economy, trying to impose law and order by using their legitimate violence…. I have reasons to believe that this time, it’s different! Without having great expectations for the peace process, i can say without any doubt that on the Palestinian level, things are different! Thank you Hamas! …The Best enemy to have is the one that auto distructs itself!

They failed because Gaza is Hell nowadays, they failed because the population in gaza is suffering and they are the only ones to blaim, they failed because annapolis took place, they failed because they are totally isolated by everyone , they failed because their ideology is not realistic, they failed because their best friends are everyone’s worst enemies, they failed because the Palestinian Authority ( that many people seem to make fun of) legislated against them ( by controlling charity organisations, by controlling mosques, by raiding their headquarters in the WB, by reaffirming the fact that the only legitimate org to represent the palestinian people is the PLO ( it’s important to note that israel has been trying to fight hamas for the last 7 years, the PA managed to control them and to totally isolate them in less than 4 months, yes, they have Gaza, but not for too long..) …… and the more we will advance with this process, the more they will Fail! I just cross my fingers that nobody topples Olmert’s government, i cross my fingers that Lieberman and Bibi will also fail, because as far as i’m concerned, they are your own terrorists and enemies…


Lieberman and Bibi as Israel's Hamas-style terrorists and enemies is a view which reflects the same instinctive lurch into irresponsible use of language and lazy analogies which characterizes much of Palestinian discourse and mythology. It was most recently evidenced in Abbas's speech at Anapolis, in which he called on the world to "put and end to [Palestinian] tragedy, to [Palestinian] holocaust that has been running for too long."


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