Thursday, December 06, 2007

Being Compared to "Eva"

A-propo this post in which I commented on Oliver Kamm's story about the feverish remonstration he received from a David Irving's admirer, one Marisa something or other: The rhetorical abandonment with which she anxiously expressed her adulation for Irving reminded me of a neo-Nazi character in one of Seinfeld's greatest episodes: The Limo. In it, a young lady called Eva makes an appearance as a rather frantic and lascivious neo-Nazi.

I've just noticed that the lady in question, herself apparently an aspiring blogger, visited my blog and copied my post, word for word. She called the post, in what I suppose would be her sotto voce way of expressing satisfaction with the comparison: "Being compared to "Eva" " (following hard upon the heels of a previous post "The Fabulous David Irving".)

I wondered in what kind of fantasy would a role model named "Eva" induce this flutter of delight?

This Eva? This one? Maybe this Eva? Or this?


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