Sunday, December 30, 2007

Beyond belief:

Mick Hartley has posted this today. I'm reproducing it in full:

Considered as Adults

As is well known, Iran, contrary to international law, permits the execution of minors. Here's a story from Iran Focus, about a youth of 17 whose death sentence for murder has been confirmed by the Supreme Court. What caught my eye, though, was this:

Under Iranian law, girls above the age of nine and boys above the age of fifteen are considered as adults and could be executed for capital offences.

Can this be true? If so that's surely an astonishing admission of sheer unadulterated misogyny.
It's not, of course, that I wasn't aware of how much women are discriminated against in Iran, and in most other Muslim countries too for that matter. It's a central feature of the whole enterprise. But, perhaps naively, I'd assumed that there was at least some consistency about it, some supposed justification in terms of women's child-like lack of sense; a belief that women are kind of glorified domestic pets who need men to look after them, and are occasionally, when the old sexual urge gets a little strong, unwrapped for some action then wrapped up again and stuck back in the kitchen ready for the next time. Which is to say, women are supposed to be less responsible, less adult, less mature. So you'd expect that they'd be cut some slack, as it were, when it came to being hung. But here we are being told, if Iran Focus is to be believed, that when it comes to being executed women are suddenly more responsible, not the tune of six years.

I haven't managed to confirm that, but I did find this snippet:

The scenario is worse in case of girl child offenders. In Iran, where Sharia or the Islamic Law, rules, a women cannot be executed if she is a virgin and hence permits legal rape.

And again, from a talk by Lily Mazahery at Harvard last year, speaking here of the execution of 16-year-old Atefeh Rajabi for adultery:

The judge who presided over Atefeh's sham trial and sentenced her to death by public hanging is reported to have raped Atefeh himself before he personally placed the noose around her tiny neck. The so-called justification for such despicable act of savagery is the Sharia legal system, put in place by the Islamic Regime and championed by Mr. Khatemi. Under Sharia law, virgin girls are not allowed to be executed, for their purity might open up the doors of heaven to them. To avoid this, virgin girls, such as Atefeh, who are sentenced to death, are raped before execution to ensure their proper place in hell.

All of which strongly suggests that it's not about men being placed over and above the weaker sex: it's about sheer bloody hatred.

Once again, I ask where is UNICEF?
Where is the UN Human Rights Commission?
Where is Louise Arbour?
Where are the feminists and the human rights activists?


At 3:25 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

um, here's the thing: Lily Mazahery IS a prominent feminist, women's rights advocate and human rights activist! So that is where the feminists and human rights activists are! They are making sure that, at a very minimum, people like you and I know about these atrocities, not to mention everything else they have been doing that has resulted in saving the lives of a number of these victims.

People like her are a victory for all of us who are concerned about these horros and we should give them the credit they deserve.

Happy new year!

At 6:47 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is utterly sicko.

But color me unsurprised.


At 1:27 PM EST, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Let's be fair here. The hate (or fear) of the better gender is ingrained in all religions, Christianity and Judaism not excluded. With Islam going through its violent stage in every respect, this hate is just looking for all possible outlets.


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