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Solomonia: Politicizing Christmas

The Sojourner: Islamophobia, Antisemitism, and Fascism: Challenges for Anti-Capitalists

My latest comment, (posted on December 11 by the blogger). As can be expected, no answer will be forthcoming, which to me suggests a reluctance to entertain even the possibility that he and his ways might be wrong, or in error, or deliberately self-narcotizing by the fuzzy sentiments of comradeship, even if it comes at the expense of truth and justice:

I have better things to do than engage in conversation with people who express no solidarity with me or my ideas.”

Need more be said about your being a prisoner to dogmatic thinking?

I notice you did not address my question about singling out the Israeli Jewish woman for your disapproval. What can you say, really? In a presentation that has “Fighting anti-Semitism” in its title, you then go on to attack a Jew for speaking up her mind and disagreeing with your one-sided support for a fascist organization which openly adulates Hitler and preaches the completion of the final solution.

Your comments are addressed to those who understand automatically why an Israeli Jewish woman is singled out. This should cause just a stir of anxiety in any decent thinking person. Clearly Jews have no rights. It is futile to imagine that anything can induce you to dig a little into your beliefs in order to better understand what you are advocating and whom you are supporting. “Fighting for antisemitism” would have been a more honest title.

AS for this:

” “gee, that sounds like a good description of the IDF’s destruction of the Lebanese infrastructure during the summer of 2006.”

Note you own distortion of this definition.

“Terrorism is aggression against civilians as civilians, inevitably taken by surprise and defenceless. ”

It would take a real malign intent to contend that the Lebanese who were attacked, were attacked for no other reason than they were civilians, or that they were defenceless, or that they were taken by surprise. The civilians who lived on the Israel’s northern border were taken by surprise by the barrage of a 1000+ katiushas from within those “civilian” areas from across the UN ratified Blue line, an international border.

But then, why allow a few easily verifiable facts interfere with your worldview and the way you choose to revise recent history? Absolutely there is a need to forget that Jews are human beings, too, if one is to continue one’s worshipping at the feet of one’s prophets.

The Drink Soaked Trots:

The Meaning of Hanukkah: “They Tried To Kill Us. We Won. Let’s Eat.”

Here is one comment to this mention of Hanukkah, left by a bored anon in the comment section:

"The Meaning of Hannukah: “They Tried To Kill Us. We Won. Let’s Eat.”"This has become a tiresome cliche among bored Jews.

Right you are. So here is another cliche, to clinch the matter:

No miracle needed: Maccabees extinguish Greeks

The Maccabees, feeling comfortable on their home turf, ambushed the Greeks last night, and no elephants had to be killed to secure the victory.


At 2:39 AM EST, Blogger Anti-Racist Blog: Exposing Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism on American College Campuses said...

Any thoughts about this situation:

Activist Group Sets Anti-Israel Litmus Test for Wayne State University's New President; ARA/WSU Leader Confronts WSU Board of Governors Chair

At 9:36 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Meaning of Hannukah: “They Tried To Kill Us. We Won. Let’s Eat.”"

This has become a tiresome cliche among bored Jews.


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