Thursday, December 27, 2007

Extreme democracy:



The blogosphere is a-buzz with speculation, mostly hesitating between mild outrage and fatalistic resignation. Bhutto was hardly George Washington, but she signified a whisper of something better for Pakistan. This seems like an acute assessment of the event and the assassinated leader:

Benazir Bhutto seemed childishly naïve when it came to the threat of Islamic nihilism. She did not hesitate to stress out the fragile Pakistan government to the breaking point. General Pervez Musharraf leaves much to be desired. The struggle for democracy, however, must not be allowed to make it easier for the Muslim extremists to capture power. Ms. Buhtto appeared unwilling to recognize this most important distinction. The Islamists most assuredly will continue assassinating modern thinking Pakistani leaders. Our world has just become a more dangerous place.


And here is an equally astute assessment from the lunatic fringe:

Well, her family can thank Bush for yet another death

If anyone can find the right words to respond to this galatically-stupid observation, please leave a comment. For once I'm at a loss for words.


At 9:33 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

....blaming the assassination of Bhutto on Bush, isnt a sign of intellectual tour de force, its a sign of a mental disorder.

It would be like blaming FDR for the Holocaust.



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