Sunday, December 09, 2007

It is our strength that is decisive

Anti Racist blog draws my attention to the following story:

Hire a President that supports divestment from Israel, and companies doing business with Israel, or face the wrath of its members.On December 7, 2007, ARA/WSU's Blog posted an official statement from the group entitled, "It is our strength that is decisive."*

In the statement, ARA/WSU first takes time to condemn President Reid, for rejecting the group's past divestment initiatives. The group members also make false allegations about Israel.
"We opposed him both for his domestic policies - gutting and destroying Wayne State's urban mission, disenfranchising working people in Detroit, and attacking black folks in general [ed: President Reid is black, but the ARA/WSU members who wrote the statement are not] – as well as for his decisions on an international scale, specifically twice rejecting demands by students at Wayne State to divest from apartheid Israel."

ARA/WSU then cautioned the incoming President,

"We are willing to give any new president time to prove which side of the barricades they prefer. But we refuse to remain idle forever."

The group follows by writing a list of demands for the new President, including,

"Commit the university to intervene on behalf of movements against imperialism throughout the world, beginning with divestment from apartheid Israel." (Read the rest..)

Unbelievable, that a student organization at an American university in the 21st century resorts so openly and confidently to the intimidating language of Nazi propaganda.

The "anti Imperialist" "workers" agenda is used as a fig leaf for the real driving concern of the group: The divestment from Israel movement.

The "goods" of fascism and antisemitic drive to destroy the Jews of Israel and their supporters elsewhere (consider the case of Larry Summers) are placed on the table, in plain sight. I cannot but feel moral distaste for such people as would blindly cheer on these goals and ideas, regardless of realities, facts and reason.

* Who said the following?? (Let me give you a hint: for the man who said, this was the natural consequence for his stated ideology and policies. When people embark on an ideological anti-something battle, the very least they should do is provide an honest outline of what results they aim to achieve.)

...these Jews .... are now trying to stir up the entire world merely to incite public opinion ... against [our] convictions. There's only one answer to this, viz., to continue as at present, rigorously and without compromise. You're sunk if you give the slightest indication of weakness.

I think we get the general idea as to where these "peace activists" are heading. I think my conversations with Mike, of the Sojourners blog, reveal the potential for dangerous activism inherent in the kind of ideas and tropes utilized by these so-called "progressives".


At 10:41 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for talking about this story!

At 10:41 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for talking about this story!


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