Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Here is a catalogue of my Obama posts

I have gone over them and unfortunately, I cannot see that my scepticism about Obama's true intentions is any the less today than it was on January 8, when I began to think about him.

Obama's serendipity (Jan 8)

Obama Fest (Jan 12)

Obama rama (Jan 15)

Rejoinders (Jan 15)

Obama Rama (II) (Jan 16)

Europe Humbled? (Jan 17)

"The Visionary Minimalist" (Jan 19)

Obama's ease with anti Israel proponents (Jan 26)

Obama's scary advisers (Jan 28)

Deconstructing Obama (Jan 28)

Othello and Desdemona (Feb. 1)


Here are links to other sites in th blogosphere addressing the same subject:

Engage: Neglected Prejudice against Obama: I recommend the comments thread.

Contentions: Obama's real Israel problem

Obama a Winner in the Middle East


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