Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love in six words:

Normblog challenged his readers who responded thus.

Here is my attempt, which is not really a love story but a generic description of the arc of love:

Recognition. Scepticism. Communion. Crystallization. Splintering. Dolor...

If anyone disagrees, please leave a comment. Zero comments will be construed as full agreement...

Happy Valentine's Day to all! Make love, not kumbaya...
Almost forgot. Here is my recommendation for a Valentine night's movie:
Sleepless in Seattle which ends on Valentine's day. Goes well with tirasmisu.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which starts on the morning of Valentine Day, and in which a Valentine gift passes from one lover to another, but the woman for whom it is intended is not really fooled. Might go well with Chinese noodles.
The two movies couldn't be more different, in atmosphere, pace, tone and sentiment. But they do have something in common: the frenzied, almost failed, search for the promise of the perfect lover. "Perfect" meaning a responsive something that is simply missing in other relationships but are evidently abundant in these particular matches. Why? How would I know?


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