Thursday, March 13, 2008

Greg Felton, the intrepidly unsilent and unsilenceable,

takes up nothing less than The Lobby and "its sloppy, defamatory rant by zionist hatchet-man Terry Glavin "


The big concerns for the library were my personal security, and that I not say or do anything that could wind up in front of a human rights tribunal. Of course, even a cursory read on my book would have disabused them of any such concern.

Glavin begged to differ:

Greg Felton's pathological delusion requires him to trace Zionist swindles and trickery back through time and across Europe to a Medieval legend about a massive deception with its roots in the Caucasus Mountains about 1,000 years ago - a legend he then reports as fact.

His work appears frequently in certain of the darker corners of the Arab press, in countries neighbouring Israel - countries where there is no free press - where Felton's propaganda is presented as the work of an award-winning journalist and Middle-East specialist.

Do not tell me he should not be held accountable for this. Do not tell me, either, that there is a suitable, simple, legalistic way to hold him accountable, or that the "marketplace of ideas" is sufficient. It's not.

Fleton is your garden-variety antisemite, and he wants you to believe that antisemitism is a legitimate criticism of Israel. Whether they want to trust him or not, or be associated with him in any affirmative way, is up to the readers. It falls within the responsibility of the reader to understand what it is he or she is reading and maybe defending, through the "yes, but"ting" platitude or in passiveness.

One of the staples of antisemites is their resort to sexual and scatological vulgarities when addressing or speaking about Jews. Here is one example of how Felton expresses himself (see comments):

Now, that you addle-pated bottomfeeders have filled the blogosphere with your odiferous effluvium, perhaps you should be deemed an enviromental hazard. Anyone who takes Glavin's libel at face value has clearly been inhaling fumes.

Whenever I encounter on the Internet a poster resorting to vividly repulsive imagery when speaking of Jews, or Israel, I know I'm in the presence of an antisemitic mindset. Its an incontinent hostility which has to express itself in coarse language. It's not your typical "shit" or "fuck" expletives which are quite common on the Internet. I'm speaking of that certain imaginative energy that goes into associating Jews with steaming turds and such like. Felton's comment belongs in that category. He is probably at his creative best when he stands in the presence of Jews.


At 12:30 PM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

I rather like the "addle-pated bottomfeeders", I have to confess.


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