Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Report any suspicious activity to the 113 hotline ...

Via MEMRI: Iranian propaganda video:

Choice quotes from the Transcript:

John McCain – a senior White House official, who orchestrates numerous conspiracies against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

George Soros – a Jewish tycoon and the mastermind of ultra-modern colonialism. He uses his wealth and slogans like liberty, democracy, and human rights to bring the supporters of America to power.

Gene Sharp – the theoretician of civil disobedience and velvet revolutions, who has published treatises on this subject. He is one of the CIA agents in charge of America's infiltration into other countries.

Bill Smith – one of the CIA's senior experts on Iranian affairs. For many years, he has maintained close ties with Iranian opposition groups.

Apparently, the far leftist Jewish Soros, collaborating with Republican McCain to bring down the regime of nuclear justice for all... invincible and so infinitely superior to global arrogance [the U.S.] and international Zionism:

They seem to have forgotten their defeat in Tabas [the reference is to the failed attempt to rescue the hostages at the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1980], and how God humiliated them.

5th Iranian man: They will not be able to do anything with their economic sanctions. Our young experts' progress in the field of nuclear energy has dealt them a mighty punch in the face.

And who are their little helpers?

... authors, intellectuals, and influential people in society... NGO's.... Satellite TV networks ... international scientific conferences.

Who must be exposed by their patriotic kin, and reported to the authorities:

The sister, after opening Manucher's bag and finding a gun and various papers, dials 113
Manucher's sister: I think he is keeping bad company.

But Iranian justice is all merciful, all forgiving (unless the culprit is a homosexual, in which case he is hanged, mercifully, from a crane in the public square) :

Manucher's sister (answering the phone): Yes?
Commander: Hello. I'd like to thank you for the information you gave us. We have talked to the judge presiding over the case, and he said that Manucher would be released soon.

As I was a bit unhappy with the rather predictable ending of this thrilling espionage drama, I fantasised an addendum:

The happy end: Manucher's sister and the commander, who fell madly in love in the execution of their patriotic duty, get married. Manucher is best man. He is promised a job and a brilliant career with The information headquarters - Intelligence Ministry.


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