Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hairdressing under Sharia, or something like that..

Here is this story:

Ms. Desrosiers runs an “alternative” London hair salon, specializing in “funky urban cuts”. She is being sued for “religious discrimination” after refusing to give a job to a Muslim woman who wanted to wear a headscarf to work. A distinctly un-funky Bushra Noah (pictured below) is claiming £35,000 ($70,000) for “injured feelings” and an unspecified sum for lost earnings.

And what it should teach us:

... even if [the case] fails, the expense and stress of fighting this and other cases (the jilbabed Luton schoolgirl, the niqab-wearing grammar school pupil), gradually wears down our resistance. As Ezra Levant, brave defender of free speech, put it: “Even if we win, we lose — the process has become the punishment.”

The Desrosiers case is about much more than hair. This is a jihad of attrition. Our newspapers need to get their priorities right. There is dhimmitude in the UK, but Christmas lights, football shirts, and piggy banks are the least of it.


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