Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cairo to Damascus

Solomonia is posting a new series that:

" will feature selections from Carlson's 1951 work, Cairo to Damascus, in which Carlson travels the Middle East during Israel's War of Independence. I'm certain many will find the reminders we unearth from this work of great interest. From the Preface:

I have written this book with the hope that it will bring both Arabs and Jews into truer focus for the reader; that it will help reveal what they are and what they are not, what may be expected of them and what is impossible. I pray that these ancient Semitic peoples will reconcile their differences, that Palestine refugees who, in the main, left their homes because Arab leaders urged them to do so--expecting a short war and a quick victory--will be resettled. The only alternative to peace is disaster for Arab, Jew, and Christian, for none may hope to prosper alone. Together they may ultimately build a prosperous and democratic Middle East. To remain apart, at dagger's point, means only that Communism and anarchy can be the ultimate victors.

Always worthwhile to re-acquaint ourselves with historical events from people who were involved in them to some degree and who act as true witnesses. History as it is promulgated today being so misshapen and so eagerly believed... Restoring the facts is a moral duty.


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