Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Chicken and the Fox

Further to past posts in which examples of creeping Islamization of British society were pointed out, there is this story (as usual, via Mick)

The problem:

A female Muslim councillor has been subjected to a hate campaign by Muslim men in her ward, leaving her unable to visit some of the streets that she represents.

Hasina Khan, 38, the only Muslim councillor in Chorley, Lancashire, said that she had suffered a barrage of threatening phone calls, verbal abuse and insulting graffiti because the men objected her public role.

The public protest

Mrs Khan, a mother of three, said: “I've had to totally change the way I go about my job. I used to do ward walks all the time, but now there are some streets I can't even walk down.”

A helpful suggestion:

Dukandar Idris, the imam of Chorley's Dawat ul Islam mosque, said that Mrs Khan should have taken her grievances to the mosque's elders, rather than speaking out.

An independent, capable woman, in a democratic society, complains loudly about an aggressive campaign of sexist harassment against her by certain men. The advice she gets from a person whose authority might have put a stop to that harassment is that she should bring her case to be judged by those who share the harassers' positions. Furthermore, if we consider the Imam's parting comment, that "he could not forbid Muslim women from standing for election, but he would be entitled to forbid his wife." it is not difficult to forecast what kind of justice she would get from those "Mosque elders" were she foolish enough to entrust to them the arbitration of this matter. It's rather like a chicken asking a fox to protect her interests against fellow-foxes.


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