Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Israeli Exports

I knew about this. And this. But not about this:

Who Exports the Most TV to the U.S.?

A – Italy, B – Sweden, C – Israel, D - India

The answer: C

...with two shows hitting TV this year and another two in development, it's Israel that is fast becoming Hollywood's cheat sheet. "B'Tipul," a drama about a therapist and his demanding clientele, was adapted into HBO's critically acclaimed series "In Treatment." Premiering this fall on CBS is "The Ex List," which was adapted from the Israeli series "Mythological X." "List" is a romantic comedy about a woman who learns from a psychic that she has already dated—and broken up with—her soulmate, and if she can't narrow him down from her lengthy roster of suitors, she'll spend life as a spinster. It's no wonder Israel is such a close friend of the United States. To judge from their television shows, the Israelis are just as neurotic as we are.

But they're succeeding in Hollywood because they're also smart and inventive when it comes to writing television.



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