Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Solidarity - and its discontents

Continuous to this post, here are two more sources for consultation on the matter:

The one is from the Jerusalem Post, a regular daily which picked up the story from the Internet, where it had been cooking for a few days now. (Thanks to M-E for the tip)

The other is from Will, of the Drunk Trotsky wannabes, always a gracious reading experience in and of itself. Here is a sampling:

"Tossers. Fuck them all who post there.
That lot don’t know what solidarity is and that like. Stupid stupid tossers.
Thusly they can all go and fuck off and die like the lawyer scum they are like.
Plus — nobody knows who complained like and even if we did like know like then I still wouldn’t link myself to those scumbags and filth like — my hatred for antisemitic scum is completely independent of Sauce tosser ‘thoughts’ and ‘actions’ like.
PS. Is Moralityblog their Fag?"


Updated links, later in the day:

Ami Isseroff:

"The first point is that we seem to have settled the question of whether or not anti-Zionism is or is not the same as anti-Semitism. Delich and her friends can plead and have pleaded that it was an "innocent mistake" and that she didn't know who David Duke was. Let's assume that is true. Delich read the article by an anti-Semite at an anti-Semitic Web site and found it to be identical with her views. What does that tell us about anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism? Can anyone really believe they are different now? And this is the ideology that is fueling the boycott Israel movement, isn't it?

The second point is that if Jenna Delich really didn't know who David Duke is, and none of the hundreds of people who got that e-mail recognized the name either, then the Boycott Israel movement in the UK is evidently being lead by ignoramuses. Can anyone believe any of the "facts" and arguments they present? Isn't it logical to assume that this incident reveals what Delich and her Boycott Israel friends have been doing all along: repackaging anti-Semitic lies as "legitimate criticism of Israel" either knowingly, or because they were unaware of the nature of the source of the materials?"


At 5:08 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe they should head over to Stormfront and bond with their anti Zionist comrades.

Where Socialism meets Nationalism.

At 12:15 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the differences between Will's site and Harry's Place is that Will bans comments from those who have ired him, while HP does not, as far as I know, censor. Recently HP even hosted one of Will's genital-fixated rants against the chief HP contributor.


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