Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Disabled Harry

This story, which originally broke on the popular British website "Harry's Place" seems to develop in astonishing ways, according to Norm:

If Harry's Place should go silent...

... it will be for the reason that you can still read about at Harry's Place itself: a complaint has been sent to the company hosting HP's domain name - they think because they pointed out someone's having linked from the UCU activists list to a far-right website.

Since I could not log on to Harry's Place I began to suspect that indeed it was silenced, somehow. On Engage I managed to get this information, from commenters:

For information: it appears that a complaint believed to have come from someone who objected to Harry's Place coverage of this issue may result in the site having its DNS disabled - see http://www.hurryupharry.org/2008/08/26/dont-panic-if-we-disappear-briefly/ (if its still up)

Update to the Harry's Place censorship story - they've set up a temporary site at http://jennadelich.blogspot.com/

Pretty incredible stuff. A new definition for chutzpa: She distributes a link to a bona-fide neo-Nazi website and takes umbrage at those who pay attention.

George Szirtez, tersely:

The union of university teachers (UCU) happily links to a notorious Nazi's website and defends doing so, while the Socialist Workers Party calls for action against the British National Party by referring to the evils of the Holocaust that killed everyone - except Jews apparently. Or, if they did so, it doesn't count. So now you know who the Nazis are and what they do. You also know who counts for them and who doesn't.

The UCU and the SWP as twins? No, there is certainly a triplet in there somewhere. Oh yes, The Nazis. But of course the UCU and the SWP only mean the good Nazis.


At 11:01 AM EDT, Blogger ModernityBlog said...

silly really, there will be more and more publicity for this story

At 3:04 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A new, less gutless DNS provider has been sought and the domain is being transferred.


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