Monday, September 22, 2008

Human rights abuses you won't get to hear about

(since there is no way to connect them to Israel or Jewish perfidy)

Abdul-Rahman al-Lahem, the well-known Saudi lawyer, was awarded earlier this year the International Human Rights Lawyer Award from the American Bar Association, but sadly he could not receive the award in person because he is not allowed to travel outside the country.

This week, al-Lahem has received another honor, winning the 2008 Human Rights Defender award from Human Rights Watch (HRW). The international organization called the Saudi government to immediately lift the ban on foreign travel for al-Lahem so that he can attend the award ceremonies in London, Paris, and Geneva this November. (From: Saudi Jeans)

Saudi Arabia’s top judiciary official has issued a religious decree saying it is permissible to kill the owners of satellite TV networks that broadcast immoral content. The 79-year-old Sheik Saleh al-Lihedan said Thursday that satellite channels cause the “deviance of thousands of people.” (Source: SJ)

And this.

I wonder if Juan Cole monitors SJ blog and castigates it for rewarding dissenters and aspiring for liberal reform in the kingdom...


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