Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beware the Jewess

(or "Shana Tova", Guardian style)

Martin in the Margins has blogged about this piece by Guardianista Barbara Ellen in which she asks, with all due incredulity:

"But what on earth was [Paul McCartney] up to with that gig in Tel Aviv?

The only worse kind of atrocity by McCartney would be: "What next - an appearance in bin Laden's next cave video."?

See? Performing to a bunch of Israelis in Tel Aviv is just one step up from entertaining Bin Laden...

In her desperation to figure out what could possibly cause such moral blindness in the British icon, she alights... surprisingly enough, on the first Jew that she can lay her eyes on in his vicinity. Or rather, a more lethal combination... a Jewess:

"Now he has a Jewish girlfriend, the glamorous Nancy Shevell, he's suddenly playing concerts in Israel and 'finding out for myself what the situation is'."?

This whole swollen up carbuncle of a story can only make sense to an antisemitic reader. As anyone with some common sense and moderate knowledge would have to see that Ellen's free associations, which she probably takes to be cute witticisms, tell us more about her own demons than they do about McCartney or Israel.

According to Sartre, antisemitism is not an idea as we usually understand this word to mean. It is not an opinion based upon factual and rational information and understanding, compiled and dispassionately measured against other sets of facts and arguments.

"It is first of all a passion...a deep passion... Some men are suddenly struck with impotence if they learn from the woman with whom they are making love that she is a Jewess. It is an involvement of the mind, but one so deep-seated and complex that it extends to the physio-logical realm, as happens in cases of hysteria."

In Love+Marriage=Death: And Other Essays on Representing Difference, by Sander L. Gilman - 1998

"Non Jewish men are at risk when they are exposed to Jewish women. This, the association of Sarah Bernhardt and the Salome legend is fixed as the history of the Jewess as sexual seductress. She is as dangerous as she is seductive - she is the essential belle Juive".

Well, then, it is encouraging to know that Barbara Ellen is not blazing any new trails here. She just regurgitates old stereotypes and xenophobic hysteria. That she can do so on the pages of the Guardian is also an old cliche by now.

Addendum: Upon closer scrutiny, Shevell is not only Jewish, but also an American, a New Yorker, and an heiress. She is also 47 years old who looks like Carrie, from Sex and the City. Such a multitude of sins might begin to explain, perchance justify, Ellen's hysterical ramblings.


At 3:25 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In addition, to Barbara Ellens anti Semitic sneers and jeers with regards to McCartney, she also attacks men who are fighting for mens rights in family court with regards to their children.

Then later in her sneers at Jews, she calls McCartney pussy-whipped by the Jewess....as Men are aparently not hel with as deep a contempt as Jews.

This is typical stuff on the guardian. I consider the Guardian to be a gauge of the Mainstream Left....am I wrong? How twisted has the Left become?

At 5:44 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

I don't think the Guardian reflects "mainstream" leftism. I think The New Republic, Dissent, Democratiya classical leftism, in that they focus on democracy and social justice.

The Guardian is far Left with the occasional and insignificant flash of remorse... Its focus is anti Americanism, anti-Zionism, etc.

At 6:53 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you say that the far Left is much larger than the far Right?

In North America?
In Europe?

Thanks for your considered opinion.

At 7:11 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

This is a very good question. I never thought of it this way. I may even write a post about it.

These things are not easily quantifiable but my intuitive answer would be that in America, the far left outstrips the far right, at least in quality, if not in quantity. Far Right outlets do not get into mainstrean media easily. They are easily discredited. Also, in academia, Far Left is much more prevalent. It's a bit annoying to try to make the distinction between Decent and Indecent Lefties when they are both called "lefties". The difference between them is like the difference between George Orwell and Noam Chomsky. There is not much common ground there.

At 12:05 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCartney's first wife, Linda, was also Jewish (see the Canadian Jewish News). So he's been under their influence for a long time. And their manager, Brian Epstein. Of course.

At 11:44 AM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

BTW, NWO, that was a good comparison you made on that message board you participate in, between the two V-P hopefuls's treatment by the media.

I would lay off the lols and the the "fascinating"s. They add nothing, they inflame and they reduce whatever value there is in your comments. Just thought I'd mention it.


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