Monday, September 15, 2008

An existential menace

Ami Isseroff explains how Settler lawlessness and violence against innocent Palestinians poses an existential threat to Israel and the very viability and importance of Zionism:

* The biggest danger to Israel is the danger from within. ... settlers who defy the authority of the state, who attack national institutions like the IDF, can destroy us.

* In a state, the only authority in matters of state, law and order is the elected government. This is halachic law as well. "Deena de Malchuta - Deena." (Talmud, N’darim 28a) - The law of the sovereign is the law. If this was accepted by Jews for the murderous Roman empire, it must certainly be true of the government of the Jewish state. Just as we cannot permit draft dodgers to make their own law, we cannot permit a group of settlers, or this rabbi or that rabbi to make their own law.

* When the outpost, which could not be defended properly, was attacked, the settlers rioted senselessly, murdering innocent people, and then gloated about their deed... Everyone did that which was right in their eyes. This is the approach and psychology of hooligans, like the gangs of the Palestinian Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al Husseini. It substitutes futile, childish and brutal impulses of revenge and cruelty for a responsible strategy of defense.

Attacks by Palestinians should be publicized. They should be met by appropriate responses that find and punish the attackers and those who send them. But they are not an excuse or justification for this behavior. Hurting defenseless people at random is not a rational response to terrorism, no matter what the provocation. It will not stop terrorism. It is precisely the response that the terrorists want to provoke. It cannot be the basis of a national defense strategy or a national political life.

* people in Israel understand very well who this enemy is and what the enemy wants to do. ... This is serious business... This is a serious enemy and a serious conflict. If it is not handled with the utmost discretion, it could involve over a billion Muslims arrayed against Israel and really determined to wipe us out. This is not a turf war to be solved by gang brawls between rival groups of hoodlums. The war for Israel's existence requires unity, organization, planning, self control, bravery and sacrifice, not random acts of hooliganism.

* The Palestinians damaged their cause, perhaps irreparably, with violence, suicide bombings and racism. In this way, they lost the possibility of statehood in 1948, and again in 2000 and lost the respect of the world. The young man in the article and his friends are trying to lead Israel down the same disastrous path.


At 7:15 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is another in the continuing saga of.....I support Obama, he is just lying about(fill in the blank) to get elected...

The perfect excuse for me to re-link Hitchens’s piece yesterday in Slate reminding The One how much rhetoric he’s devoted to telling us where the “real terrorists” are and what he’s prepared to do to go get them once he’s free and clear of that irksome Mesopotamian distraction. Here’s his chance: Not only won’t Pakistan address the problem, they continue to actively aid and abet the enemy. So now we’ve taken matters into our own hands, in fulfillment a promise Bush made two years ago but refrained from taking seriously until now. Which brings us to today’s news. Quoth Hitch: “American liberals can’t quite face the fact that if their man does win in November, and if he has meant a single serious word he’s ever said, it means more war, and more bitter and protracted war at that—not less.”

At 12:06 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was not too long ago that 5 residents of Yitzhar, including women and children, were murdered in cold blood by some of their Palestinian neighbours from across the wadi. It really troubles me that this monstrous unprovoked crime has been forgotten and is never mentioned. Instead, relatively minor acts committed by Jews against Palestinian property are treated as if they were major atrocities.

At 12:18 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I dont have anything to do with the beginning of the artical. its internal affairs.

the last part is really saddening and its repeated by people worldwide, that Palestinians damaged their cause.

lets focus on hajj housiani who is accused of conspiracy with the nazies and all the bad stuff like anti-semetizm.

although yes he didnt compramise anything to israel.
but he didnt except the decaration of israel because of "principle".

he didnt calculate it or think in the materialistic world thinking where you should count your losses and benefits and balance between them.

imagine someone entering your blog and cliaming half of it to himself.
ofcourse you will refuse

and when he takes 75% of it later he will say : see I gave you the chance to take half of it and you refused, and know you dont own anything.

hajj al housianin who is not very famous in the arab world followed normal people instinct ..... and thats why I am ordering a biography about his interesting life.


At 3:47 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"and when he takes 75% of it later he will say : see I gave you the chance to take half of it and you refused, and know you dont own anything."

Yeah, think about it. Think about when Islam expanded from the Arabian peninsula and conquered most of West Asia and North Africa. Think about when Islam conquered India and Southwest Asia.

Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people. You should get used to it.

And if you care so much about the Palestinians, why do all the Arab countries keep them languishing in refugee camps for five decades and counting? Why don't anyone of the Arab countries offer citizenship to their Arab brothers and sisters? When the Jews were kicked out of the Arab world, they were made citizens of the state of Israel.


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