Sunday, September 21, 2008

Islamophobia or Islamization?

Football and Ramadan

...Muslim football teams have asked for matches to be suspended during Ramadan because their players cannot take part due to fasting. This would involve scrapping over 50 games to accommodate these teams who will be unable to play for a month......

What will inevitably happen is that the football season will have to be modified to suit Muslim players.

Now, we all know that most football matches take place on Saturday. Jewish players, therefore, make a choice between religion (they cannot play on their Sabbath) or football. Unfortunately, the same question now faces these Muslim players...

But it is never so simple and rational, is it, when it is the Rligion of Peace involved, right?

An example of how this works, via the Iconoclast:

BARNSLEY'S Mounir El Haimour is set to stay on the bench for today's game against Southampton because his performances have dipped during Ramadan...

Manager Simon Davey believes the absence of a normal diet before games had affected the 27-year-old over the last couple of weeks and he was subsequently dropped for the midweek defeat by Cardiff City.... " I have to go out and find 16 players who can rise to the top and put in a performance to turn our results around. There is a fine line between success and failure in this division and, at the moment, we are on the wrong side. It is not good enough and it is not acceptable,"

Barnsley won their first point of the season yesterday afternoon with a nil-nil draw at Southampton. . . . an angry fan wrote on an Islamic website: “The attitude of his manager is what we’ve come to expect from non-believers. He should be warned of the dangers of insulting Islam.’’


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It makes you look bad when your argument depends on one comment on a website.

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