Friday, September 12, 2008

The Right Coast

Normblog profiles today Gail Heriot, who blogs at The Right Coast.

When you read Norm Geras' blog, there is no way you come away empty handed. Always you take away some new insight, some previously unthought of clarity, or a perspective you neglected to examine. He is that kind of thoughtful and generous scholar and intellectual.

So I visit his blog daily, and at times, hourly. So there was no way I would miss getting to know Gail Heriot, who seems like a straightforward thinker, bereft of the need for self-adorning facile witticisms.

To exemplify, here are two of her replies:

What is your favourite piece of political wisdom?

> JFK: 'Where's there's smoke, there's often a smoke-making machine.'

What would you do with the UN?

> Drain the swamp and pave it over with a new League of Free Republics.

I believe she is what The New Centrist calls : a McCain Democrat. Which makes her politically a kindred spirit of Centrists and such like strange animals.

Here is some interesting statistics, from her blog


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