Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In defense of Sarah Palin

The Iconoclast:

Palin wouldn’t win any prizes for eloquence, but at least she makes sense. She is wrong when she says (in the Couric interview) that the people of Pakistan want democracy and freedoms. She clearly takes no account of Islam. But do any other Western leaders or would-be leaders?

All politicians deserve to be mocked, and Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin is almost as good as Janet Brown’s Margaret Thatcher. I thought Amy Poehler’s Katie Couric was very funny too. Long pauses dripped with condescension catching her supercilious attitude perfectly.
I think there is social snobbery as well as intellectual snobbery in some of the commentary about Palin. Perhaps it is her accent...

The following poison-drip quote, which I easily found (right on cue!) in one of my Internet hidden treasure chests (full of rancid opinionations about this and that..), illustrates the Iconoclast's speculation as spot on, both about the social snobbery and the accent:

"Of course, Palin doesn't even enter the arena under these standards, except with the six-pack crowd, trailer-trash and uneducated Americans of various stripes who think Obama is an "AAArab"--probably from Eye-Ran or Eye-Rak--and a Muslim despite all evidence to the contrary!"

Funny how the most rabidly snobbish attitudes come from a so called "socialist" or whatever. Isn't there an inherent contradiction between the socialist ethos of respect for all, regardless of ethnicity or economic level or the way you speak, and the singling out of a person's accent, or social class, by way of mocking her? Would the same poison be poured so liberally upon, let's say, Obama's wife, had she been brought up to speak in African American Vernacular English?


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