Monday, October 27, 2008

An Iranian film maker knows the truth

First, the video.

Choice quotes:

"Zionism already existed three or four centuries ago – in the 16th century – although it wasn't called Zionism then.... They acted very slowly. They have a very well-known text called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which contains many issues, including all their goals and plans. There are 24 protocols. They claim that The Protocols does not belong to them, but there are many documents and many reliable people who have determined that it indeed belongs to the Zionists. The Protocols describes a gradual process that takes place worldwide, and explains how they will take over the world. The fundamental issue is not [expansion] from the Nile to Euphrates.... their main goal is world domination... the fundamental goal is to take over the world.

They began this plan three or four centuries ago – or perhaps earlier, but we have documents regarding the past three or four centuries – and it has progressed in a decisive manner.

...The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus was made possible due to the money of the Jewish aristocrats, who were searching for the Promised Land, which they initially thought would be in America. They even consider New York to be their No. 1 Promised Land. Interestingly, the number of New York Jews is equal to their number in Tel Aviv.

Interviewer: In fact, Scorsese addressed this in "Gangs of New York."

Said Mostaghasi: Exactly."

Of the Eight stages of Genocide, I would assess this programme to be stage #5:

Extremists drive the groups apart. Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda. Laws may forbid intermarriage or social interaction. Extremist terrorism targets moderates, intimidating and silencing the center. Prevention may mean security protection for moderate leaders or assistance to human rights groups. Assets of extremists may be seized, and visas denied to them. Coups d’etat by extremists should be opposed by international sanctions.

BTW, Ahmadinejad suffers from exhaustion.



A word about Zionism and the antisemites, via Normblog:

Two things that are more or less well known amongst those who take an interest in these things are: (a) that it is common for there to be code words for racist and other types of prejudice, since the prejudiced don't always want to say what they think right out loud and yet do want to be understood by others who share their particular prejudice or hatred; and (b) that amongst a certain class of anti-Semite 'Zionists' is just such a code word for referring disparagingly to Jews. Therefore, critics of Israel who aren't anti-Semitic could refrain from using the word 'Zionist' in their arguments with others, and for labelling Jewish supporters of Israel. They could, especially, refrain from using the word in a way that seems to signal their scorn.

Here it might be said that many Jewish supporters of Israel are happy to call themselves Zionists, so demonstrating that the word is not necessarily tied to any anti-Semitic connotation or intent. No, it isn't. But context makes a difference. Those identifying themselves as Zionists obviously don't use the word pejoratively. Others do, some of them in an odious way.


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