Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Jewish Barbies" - Haraam

Haraam is a term meaning "forbidden" in Islam, used to define all that is forbidden by God. This can be an act of sin or evil or consumption or just a thing... The Barbie doll is such a thing, according to Iranian toy seller Masoumeh Rahimi: “I think every Barbie doll is more harmful than an American missile,”

Anni Jacobsen reports:

In April 2008, Iran’s top prosecutor and religious cleric, Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi, upped the anti-Barbie campaign by calling for a ban on the sale of all Barbie dolls from the country. “Barbie is an emissary of nudity and promotes moral corruption,” wrote the hardliner newspaper Kahyan.

Barbie and Ken have been picked on by Islamic leaders for years, since Saudi Arabia announced it was banning the sale of Barbie from the kingdom in September 2003, stating on its official website:

Jewish Barbie dolls, with their naked clothing, lewd positions, and different samples and accessories, are symbols of decadence of the perverted West. Let us recognize their danger and worry.

Why the rending of souls in anguish over a doll?

The anti-Semitic tirade came after the Mutaween learned that Barbie’s creator, Ruth Handler, was Jewish — and that the American businesswoman, entrepreneur, and U.S. Business Hall of Famer had named the dolls after her two Jewish children, Barbie and Ken Handler.

One can rolls one's eyes in futile exasperation but it would behove people to give this matter a little more serious thought. The kind of deep hatred that such rules, embedded in Islamic thinking, demonstrate, should give us pause to wonder what really are we dealing with, here.


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