Monday, October 06, 2008

Martin Kramer has a crop of interesting links in his sandbox:

The convenient war against the Jews by Caroline Glick (Glick is something of a Cassandra, who predicts scenarios we don't want to know about...)

Buried Treasure by Noah Pollak

Obama, Ads, and Israel by Shmuel Rosner (Obama's dearth of Israeli supporters explained... or not...)

Al-Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions Threatened, The Washington Institute

The revolutionary professor by Ari Shavit

Tom Segev: Ignore Anti-Semites in Order to Make Peace by Jeffrey Goldberg (Why does Segev want to suppress the true nature of the Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini?)


At 12:12 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Segev's New York Times book review is scandalous. Segev draws an analogy between Husseini's dealings with the Nazis and the proposal for a political agreement made to Germany in 1940 by the Lehi, at the time under a joint leadership that included Yitzhak Shamir. He uses the disparaging term "Stern Gang", invented by the British. He pretends not to understand that there was one crucial fundamental difference between Shamir and Husseini - Lehi wanted to save Jews, Husseini wanted to kill them. He also pretends not to know that all the mainstream Zionist leadership would have welcomed an agreement with the Germans; Weitzmann stated that he would have willingly met with Hitler had that been possible. He also ignores the fact that every world power had spent the previous 7 years negotiating furiously with the Germans. It seems that pursuing their interests is allowed to the USSR, to the British, to the French et al but is, in Segev's eyes, something Jews are not entitled to.

Segev's writings are notorious for their alienation from his country and its people, and for their lack of common decency and fairness towards those he disagrees with on the right. It is one reason he is so popular among the anti-Israel brigade in the West.


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