Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain's scary supporters

Watch this clip, on DSTPFW :

"Obama is a Muslim" "Obama is a terrorist".

Well, then, what goes around, comes around. If Bush is Hitler, the Iraq war is a genocide of the Muslims, and the US is the "Unazi States of America" (google it), then by the same token, Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist...

Which goes to show that at a low-enough certain level of vulgar and ignorant thinking, one American is not much different from another. The so-called Leftist and the so-called conservative think along the same lines, express the same instinctual loathing, use the same language of mindless demonization and defamation and really believe themselves to be sitting on the true side of God.

It has been claimed by some media pundits, that when it comes to race, some voters will pick Obama because of his race, some will reject him for the same reason. The bottom line is that one group cancels out the other, so that eventually what you get is a pretty accurate voting system that acts like a self-cleaning oven. I am thinking that the same rationale probably applies to the two groups I mentioned in this post: that those who call Bush Hitler will cancel out those who call Obama a terrorist, thus the two extremes will be nullified.

However, the problem is, of course, that once you get rid of both ends of something, you create two new ends. It is one of those sad rules of history, that extremes don't disappear, they are just reconstituted.

Which reminds me of this joke: A railway safety committee concluded that the last rail car in a passenger train was the most dangerous place on the train, as it was much more vulnerable in cases of collisions. So they decided to remove it.


At 11:19 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

The closer we get to the elections, the more extreme the attacks from both sides will be. But it is a banality, so.

Good post, anyways.

At 2:48 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain = BusHitler

Only if politics is a smooth bell curve with 2 positions and equal radicalism do they cancel out.

I submit to you, that in the US the radical/extreme Right does not equal the radical/extreme least at this time. 8 years of non stop anti Bush anti American propaganda will do that. Furthermore, studies show that the least educated and poorest folks in the US lean heavily Left. Republicans tend to support cerebral understandings that arent awash with we have to have government do something for the poor (fill in the blank), only a heartless bastard would oppose that.

This notion of equal representation of on the Left and Right also supposes a false dualism, their are more than 2 ideologies at play here. So imposing a Left and Right on a Bell Curve and then assuming the far Left and far Right Cancel each other out is dubious at best.

As an aside, Naomi Kleins new book about Crisis Capitalism, has been shattered....the crisis is moving the population instinctually towards more socialist policies, not market fundamentalism....just as it did during The Great Depression with FDR New Dealism and the rise of the Nazi German National Socialism.

At 4:18 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that Americas young are being indoctrinated into Leftwing postions and young people are often more ideologically extreme. Then they are fed spin in the MSM to reinforce that ideological position via the biased news media.


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