Friday, October 10, 2008

Signs of the time:

1. On July 30, 2008, the Syrian government daily Teshreen's editor 'Issam Dari compares U.S. President George W. Bush to Adolph Hitler, and neo-conservatives to the Nazis. He also claims that there is no difference between the "U.S. global plan" under Bush and the "Nazi plan" during Hitler's rule.

If you wonder who the neo-cons are, wonder no more:

"Bush and His Neo-Conservative Gang... Are Out to Implement the Talmudic Precept Enjoining the Killing and Elimination of 'The Gentiles' – First and Foremost the Muslims"

Boo! Joos!

2. Spanish FM Moratinos During Visit to Syria, Lebanon: 'The Unipolar World [Order] Has Come to an End'; 'Syria Should Be Included in E.U. Framework'; 'I See [Syria] as My Home'

Charming and astute moral reading of regimes. Just a foretaste of what kind of sycophancy will be expected from President Obama when he goes a-courting. And in case you are in doubt as to what understanding supplicant and supplicantee share, here it is, the writing on the wall:

"Those times are over, and now we need the U.S. to take an active role alongside other countries that will [likewise] take an active role" "We Are Glad That There Is a Country [Like Syria] That Has Close Ties with Iran"

McCain's ambivalence about his willingness to break bread with the head of the Spanish regime makes more sense now.

3. One story doing the rounds claims that Jewish executives at Lehman Brothers sent $400 billion to Israel before the investment bank collapsed. Now, where have I heard a similar story?

4. Wolfgang Schauble, Germany’s interior minister, has warned that the far right could do what it has always done, and jump into the breach. Said Schauble: “We learned from the worldwide economic crisis of the 1920s and 30s that an economic crisis can result in an incredible threat for all of society. The consequences of that depression was Adolf Hitler and, indirectly, World War II and Auschwitz.”

Who else likes to analogize neo-cons to Far right loonies? Bush to Hitler? Isn't it the rancid left which would be hard pressed to see anything wrong with what the Syrian government is alleging through its proxy, with Moratino's avowal of friendship to Assad (shades of George Galloway, there), with the antisemitic canard gaining momentum by the hour?


There is a sort of perverse satisfaction in watching a person who has done her utmost to remain nice to all parties, Jews and antisemites alike, (a bit less to Jews, but that's a personal preference on her part, which must be tolerated) in the name of multiculturalism and tolerance, and who herself repeatedly claimed that neo-cons were far leftists (no less) turned far rightists (no less), finding herself in the same convivial community as the Syrian government daily, Teshreen.

The identity of that person is unimportant and irrelevant. She is representative of a Canadian mindset, that is, many like her to be found in Canada, clueless and mystified, yet undeterred in robustly opining about their willing and willed ignorance.


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I blame the permafrost.


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