Friday, October 17, 2008

Suffering from "Neutrality Obsession"

Somewhere in Tehran, Selma has come back to tell us that her blog came up 8th, in a recent survey based on 8000 readers voting to pick the best 100 blogs from among 1040 Iranian women bloggers.

I'm not surprised. Selma is a poet and translator and her blog entries, while often rare in appearance, are always imbued with her very luminescent talent.

She says:

"One thing to remember here is that not all blogs written by Iranian women were included in this survey. The women bloggers are thousands, literally. But many of them have to conceal their identities because of the content of their weblogs. At the gathering we were representing a very small part of the population of women bloggers in Iran. We were more or less among those who keep their content “safe” and out of most of the political and legal issues.

In that sense I think I’m suffering from neutrality obsession. Every post I write, I have to keep checking and double checking it to make sure I’m not getting myself into any kind of trouble. Specially since I use my real name and identity.

I’m hoping someday, every woman in Iran would feel safe and free to stand up for her weblog … no matter what she writes about, or how openly she protests or expresses herself, politically, socially, personally or sexually …"

The blogpost includes a small photo gallery of the blogger's event. Please take a look.


At 7:51 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somewhat related.

Sarkozy: “Arabic Is the Language of the Future”

I dont know what the EU is up to, but it doesnt seem good for the future of liberty and Enlightened human rights in Europe.

Seems to me that Sarkozy should be promoting French and English to immigrants for assimilation purposes, promoting the reading of Classically Liberally informed literature and opposed to encouraging the reading of Arab media and philosophy.

What the hell are they thinking?

At 6:19 PM EDT, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Iranians do not speak Arabic, NWO. Theirs is a very different culture, history, manners, from Arab. They also have a different intellectual history and ethos. The ayatolah regime is simply a tragedy, a disaster, for the Iranian people in a way that similar totalitarian regimes in Arab countries are not, for Arab peoples.

I had such hopes for Sarkozy, and he turns out to be just another Euro-leader, following the smell of oil and compromising his integrity by sucking up to the Arabs. I'll bet the oiled sheiks are thinking how easy it was to bring him to heel. I'd like to say schmuck, but I won't, swearing not being my habit...

At 6:49 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From my understanding, Farsi is the most common language among several.

It would be great to see Persia emerge from its Islamized nightmare. Is Iran a glimpse into France's future?


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