Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Arabs Are The Epitome of Racism"

Via MEMRI: 'Al-Quds Al-Arabi' Editor Abd Al-Bari Atwan:

"What a paradox this is. In the U.S., not only is the change of power carried out by peaceful means, but there is [now] a black president - [who came] from the lowest ranks of society to the top.

"If Obama was in an Arab country, like Saudi Arabia or one of the Gulf states, they might have required him to have a 'guarantor' [like any foreign worker]. Under no circumstances - even if he died - would they have given him citizenship. They'd say to him: You are a slave, you are black, you need a 'guarantor,' you are a Kenyan, and your origins are unknown.

"I'm sad to say that we Arabs are the epitome of racism. Look at the foreign [workers] in the Gulf - they have no rights. These workers demonstrate, demanding to be placed 10, rather than 20, in a room, demanding to be transported in buses like human beings, rather than in trucks like beasts.

"We are the epitome of racism, and I believe that Obama will demand that these Arab countries carry out reforms: First, to abolish the 'guarantor' system, and then to grant rights not only to the blacks, but even to the Arabs themselves, to the whites. The whites in the Arab world are humiliated. Unless you have the 'holy' citizenship of a certain country - you are humiliated.

"Obama should impose the American model of equality, rights, and opportunities on all the Arab countries."

The highlighted statement caught my eye. Wasn't this exactly what George W. Bush was doing, when he toppled Saddam Hussein and provided the Iraqis with an opportunity to form a society of more "equality, rights and opportunities"?


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Yes, it takes one to know one.

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SO bush came to Iraq to promote democracy.

Is it written in the american constitution that democracy is promoted by wars? or by lies?

lets put things straight forward.
democracy in iraq means that ....
1) nationalazation of oil companies under saddam regiem will end

2) introducing the american giants to iraq ( oil companies).
in the north of iraq to shell and BP

and in the rest of iraq to american companies, and increasing the production of the iraqi fields.

NO WMD, no terroist links.

(sudan also has oil potential thats why china blocks anything against sudan in the un and it got a oil contract there, unlike americans and british who use darfure as means only)>

Fortunatily this will not happen. Crusaders where thrown in the medeterian eventually, and tatars were defeated. time will tell everything.

and as to abd al barry dollar.

1) he is thrown in london because he is not from the chosen people, which is racist. and he is himself an example of how racism effects humanity.

thanx for the post.


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