Thursday, November 27, 2008

"People we assume innocent"

Dear Noga,

I’m sorry for the long delay. I missed you all.

Life is as busy as usual…but what keeps me from writing is the fact that i have promised my father to be careful and avoid politics as much as I can …

And yet …When people we assume innocent are dying …writing about other things doesn’t feel fair …

I was avoiding the English blog altogether for a while … I’ll be back soon. Thanks a million times for asking. It feels great to know someone out there reads this blog!

'This blog" belongs to Selma, a poet and translator, from Tehran.

Who are the innocent people?

I don't know what Selma is talking about. But I read this at Terry Glavin's place.

Truth be told, I'm almost afraid myself to write this post. A fanatical regime with an ever narrowing base of support, becomes even more crazy and brutal.


This is the story


At 3:40 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Noga,
In that comment and in my other blog post "Slipknot". I was very implicitly referring to the story of Fatemeh Pajouh who was charged with murder and I heard that she was hanged on Wednesday morning last week.
while trying to prevent her daughter from being raped by her step dad, Fatemeh had killed the man. There is a great deal of controversy over that, still ...I'd consider such person innocent ...

At 6:46 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Thanks for the comment, Selma. Finally you managed to get through!

What a horrible story. What a nightmare for women everywhere. Whatever will happen to her poor defenceless daughter now?

I think your father is right.


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