Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Hanukkah
Chag Urim Sameach

And speaking of lights, energy, electric power, here is a warming prospect and a good cause for cheers, as behoves the season:

The incoming Obama administration is "closely monitoring" the innovative electric car project being developed by Israel's Better Place company, "and may be adopting it," Idan Ofer, chairman of Better Place, has told The Jerusalem Post.

Shai Agassi of Better Place...

Shai Agassi of Better Place displays a prototype of his electric car in Tel Aviv.
Photo: AP

Heralding a potential private transport revolution, a leading US car manufacturer is also now "putting together a team" to work on the project, Ofer said. Renault-Nissan agreed 18 months ago to build the first cars, and will be mass-producing hundreds of thousands of the electric-powered vehicles by 2010, he noted.

Ofer said the electric car was a natural fit for the Obama presidency as it prepares to grapple with the global financial crisis, environmental concerns, a dependence on oil supplies from unfriendly countries and a collapsing conventional car-building industry.(read the rest, here)


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