Saturday, December 27, 2008

Progress: Yemen to build a ghetto for Jews:

It's for their own security. Next, they may well be required to wear a special hat, so that policemen can more easily protect them when attacked...

Two weeks after the murder of Moshe Yaish Nahari, the brother of Yemen's Jewish community's head, the country's president Ali Abdullah Saleh pledged to build a secured Jewish ghetto in the outskirts of the capital San'a.

The new neighborhood will house the 300 Jews of the Umran province where the murder took place.

Yemen's president has informed human rights organizations and the heads of the Jewish community in the country of his decision to allocate an area in Sana's northern suburb for the construction of a residential neighborhood for Jews on the state's expense.

Any family who decides to move there from Umran will receive $10,000 in compensation.

An uplifting and promising change, finally arrived at Yemen.


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You cant make this shit up.


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